@SHWIG Webinar 3

What are the Sexual Health Needs of black men in London. With Uzochi Nwaosu, 17th March, 2021. 

@SHWIG Webinar 2
What is the experience of women using  abortion services more than once and the staff that care for them? With Dr Christine McKnight. Feb 3rd, 2021
@SHWIG Webinar 1
How should we do research with sex workers: what we know from current research and where next. With Kevin Turner. 9th Dec, 2020 
Understanding Sexual Violence at University : Conference Presentation at Calling Time on Sexual Misconduct: best-practice prevention in higher education • 17-18th June, 2020 - SECTION ONE and SECTION TWO
A qualitative study exploring experiences of women attending the sexual violence the SARSAS recovery  'Justice' Groups. Jane Meyrick and Amelia Anning.