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Abstract Background
Gender based violence and sexual health needs of Refugees and Asylum Seekers
Presentation for St Marys SARC annual conference, April 2024
Abstract Background
Listening to the voices of young survivors of sexual abuse and what they want from the SARC (Sexual Health Referral Centre) sexual health follow-up service: delivering a patient passport.
Abstract Background
Gender based sexual violence at University: #MeToo for women and men.  Invited talk at Wolfson College, Cambridge University. 
Abstract Background
Sex on the Brain: The Psychology of Sexual Health by @SHWIG19 (PSRG).  Funded by the Division of Health Psychology (British Psychological Society) Engagement Prize.
Abstract Background

The Disclosure of Sexual Violence in Sexual Health Project (DISH) by @SHWIG/PSRG - UWE 
Asking and telling about sexual violence in sexual health, if,  why and how should we increase routine inquiry.

@SHWIG Webinar 3

What are the Sexual Health Needs of black men in London. With Uzochi Nwaosu, 17th March, 2021. 

@SHWIG Webinar 2
What is the experience of women using  abortion services more than once and the staff that care for them? With Dr Christine McKnight. Feb 3rd, 2021
@SHWIG Webinar 1
How should we do research with sex workers: what we know from current research and where next. With Kevin Turner. 9th Dec, 2020 
Understanding Sexual Violence at University : Conference Presentation at Calling Time on Sexual Misconduct: best-practice prevention in higher education • 17-18th June, 2020 - SECTION ONE and SECTION TWO
A qualitative study exploring experiences of women attending the sexual violence the SARSAS recovery  'Justice' Groups. Jane Meyrick and Amelia Anning.
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